Thursday, March 31, 2011

#365Yoga Day 90 - Back on the mat

It's been a tough two weeks in terms of my practice.  I did not get on the mat last week because of the all the chatter in my head.  Instead I sought solace on my meditation cushion and focused on the 7th limb of yoga.  It has worked wonders.  I have found my asana practice again and I think going forward it's going to be better than ever.  I am releasing all expectations in terms of what poses I can get into and how long I practice.  I plan to make a date with my mat and just move.  Move however my body tells me to and use my breath to guide me.  I'm excited to get started!  Too bad I have to work!

I hope everyone is doing well and geared up for Spring!

Oh.....and even though I'm not a huge basketball fan I have to say a big GO TEAM to the VCU Rams (rcvd my graduate degree from VCU) as they head into the Final Four!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

#365Yoga Day 81 - DONE!!!

Well I've officially completed the YogaWorks 200 hour Teacher Training program.  To say I'm happy to be done is an understatement!  What an amazing experience.  I learned so much about yoga and myself over these past seven months.  One thing I learned is that I'm not interested in teaching.  I didn't think that was the path for me seven months ago (but I was open to it) and now I'm sure.  But this has been a great ride and I certainly know a lot more about yoga postures than I ever thought possible.  Thank you to all of you who sent me well wishes over the past seven months.  Your support has been appreciated!


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

#365Yoga Day 74

I've been trying to find some peace and tranquility these past few days but let's face it, I'm stressed!  And I find it funny to be stressed about YOGA.  Does that make sense?  Not really.  I'm anxious because this coming weekend is my last teacher training weekend and I have a 2 hour in class final AND I have to teach a pose to the group.  It's moments like this that I sooo wish I wasn't a typical Type A Personality.  But I'm not, so I have to deal with it.  My goal for the week (in addition to practicing my teaching script out loud) is to meditate. Sit, sit and sit some more.  So far I'm off to a good start.  

Please send good thoughts for a successful weekend!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

#365Yoga Day 69

We are not human beings trying to be spiritual.  
We are spiritual beings trying to be human.
Jacquelyn Small

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

#365Yoga Day 68

Oh my....I think I looked a little like this sweetie pie this morning.  But my new deal is that no matter how grumpy, tired, pissed off or sore I am I'm stilling going to get on the mat and move.  Even if I just stand there and swing my arms and breathe I'm going to give myself credit for showing up.  That has been my routine this week and I believe my mornings have been better as a result.  And letting go for just a few minutes and getting out of my head really helps.  Just one of the many reasons I love yoga.

I hope everyone had a peace filled day.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

#365Yoga Day 66 & 67 - Going with the flow

Well I have to be honest, I simply forgot to blog yesterday.  In my attempt to disconnect from the online world early last night, I turned off the computer and jumped on my mat.  It wasn't until I was half way through my practice that I remembered I hadn't blogged!  I decided to just go with it and do a double blog today.

I had an opportunity to "go with it" again this evening.  I had an amazing massage right after work.  I was in this beautiful state of bliss driving home.  I got into my neighborhood and "BAM" I drove over something and blew out my tire.  Nice!  Exactly what I had planned next in my blissed out state of mind.  So...I called AAA and they sent out Tanner.  A very nice young man who was willing to deal with my silliness.  Because if you can't be silly in these kind of situations what's the point.  It took only 60 minutes out of my evening and now I'm back on track.  I still have time for a practice too.  I plan to do a very restorative one!!

I hope you've been able to go with the flow the past few days and have enjoyed the ride.


Sunday, March 6, 2011

#365Yoga Day 65

I don't think there's much more to say!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Good thoughts for a productive week.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

#365Yoga Day 64

I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing Saturday.  Maybe you're able to sneak in nap like this cutie-pie above.  How can you not love that face?!

Today's words of wisdom come from the 14th Dalai Lama.  He says:
Peace of mind is rooted in affection and compassion.

Have a peace filled Saturday.

Friday, March 4, 2011

#365Yoga Day 63 TGIF!!!

A much better day!  Certainly in terms of my personal practice.  When I should have been working this morning (but honestly didn't feel like it!) I was reading a great article that addressed exactly what I was going through in terms of getting on my mat.  Thank you Kara-Leah for your wonderful article at  I have printed this and put it next to my mat so I can refer to it when I get stuck.  I tried several of her suggestions this evening and they really worked.  I let go of my agenda and just moved and grooved based on my breath and intuition.  I should mention that not having a plan is a really tough thing for me.  As a Type-A personality I must have a plan at all times!!  So if you find yourself having a tough time maintaining a home practice please give Kara-Leah's article a look.

A busy yoga weekend planned.  Tweaking my take-home exam and reviewing for my in-class test.  I can do this!  And I hope to get on my mat several times too.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

#365Yoga Day 62

Ever have one of those weeks?  I feel a little like this kitty looks.  Overall the week wasn't bad, just long and I didn't get to (or honestly feel like doing) all the stuff on my to-do list.  And let's not even talk about my yoga practice.  Last week I rocked it every day, this week I've nodded at my mat as I passed it going from one room to the next.  Do any of you ever have weeks like this?  Weeks where you have good intentions, but the motivation just isn't there?  I feel so downtrodden when I hit these yoga slumps.  And yes I know.  The best remedy is to stop and unroll the mat and just do it!  ARGH!  This weekend will be better.  I can just feel it!

Well I hope you have all had a great Monday through Thursday.  Come on Friday and the weekend!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

#365Yoga Day 61

This picture cracks me up!!  What a sweet puppy to allow some silly human to put a coffee cup on his head.  We can all aspire to be this accommodating!

I feel much more myself today.  I got a decent night sleep last night.  Thank goodness.  Another day like yesterday and I was ready to lie down in traffic.

I successfully completed my teaching script for my take-home final last night.  Now I just need to tweak a few answers and I'm done!  I hope to submit it this weekend.  That will feel really good. Then I can focus 100% on preparing for the in-class exam!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

#365Yoga Day 60

I have to admit that I've not been very yogic the week.  I've been struggling with some terrible insomnia and truly haven't been myself.  Tired and sick to my stomach, I've just felt too crappy to do much work.  I have, however, tried to be extra nice to everyone.  I know that when I feel this bad I can be particularly difficult to get along with, therefore I've focused on saying and doing nice things for others.  Or at the very least make them laugh!  By doing this I can forgot about how bad I feel for a few minutes.  Hopefully tonight I will sleep longer than an hour and will be back on the mat tomorrow.